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Schitt’s Creek superstar Dan Levy slams Comedy Central India for censoring kiss between two males, calls it ‘destructive’ to inclusivity – television

Schitt’s Creek co-creator and actor Dan Levy hit out at Comedy Central India for slicing out a kiss between his personality David and Dustin Milligan’s personality Ted within the display. He shared the censored promo on Twitter and stated that it used to be ‘destructive’ to the message of inclusivity that the display advocates.

“You confirmed the kiss between two ladies, you confirmed the kiss between a girl and a person, then got rid of the kiss between two males? This can be a display concerning the energy of inclusivity. The censorship of homosexual intimacy is making a damaging remark towards that message. #loveislove,” he wrote.

Within the video shared by way of Comedy Central India, the characters of Schitt’s Creek are observed taking part in spin the bottle. Whilst a kiss between Alexis (performed by way of Annie Murphy) and Ted and a same-sex kiss between Alexis and Stevie (performed by way of Emily Hampshire) are retained, the kiss between David and Ted is edited out.


Levy clarified in any other tweet that he used to be disillusioned with Comedy Central India, no longer the only in the USA. “I believed I made this gorgeous transparent however for individuals who are at a loss for words, that is a couple of channel in India. @ComedyCentral in The us isn’t censoring the display. They have got been beautiful and respectful. Thanks in your time,” he wrote.


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Schitt’s Creek used to be lauded for its portrayal of same-sex relationships. The display made Emmy historical past previous this yr by way of successful 9 trophies, together with all 4 wins within the appearing class. One among its protagonists, David, identifies as pansexual and enters right into a courting with any other guy named Patrick, whom he ultimately marries.

In a 2015 interview with Flare, Levy spread out concerning the choice to turn David as pansexual. “The extra that we began exploring David and delving into his previous, and what his entire existence have been previous to when the display begins, it simply felt like a captivating have compatibility for him. The display is a circle of relatives comedy. We would have liked to method it from some way that used to be very kind of customary, and by way of that I imply that the circle of relatives used to be conscious about it, they’d been for some time. It wasn’t a kind of, ‘Let’s educate a lesson about pansexuality’ episodes. It used to be simply who he used to be and who his circle of relatives had authorised him to be,” he had stated.

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